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Eco-tourism in China

Xiao Zuo, outdoor adventurer and entrepreneur, represents a growing number of young Chinese interested in exploring their country’s wild places.

Since founding the 54 Traveler tourism company with her husband, she’s organized countless outdoor trips, always emphasizing responsible travel guidelines, like packing out trash and respect for local communities.

Xiao Zuo says she hopes the people who join her excursions will become invested in protecting China’s environment. China’s government has vowed to address environmental concerns after taking a growth-at-all-costs approach during the country’s economic opening.

Listen to the report by Ruth Morris in Hangzhou, China:

Eco-tourism in China

Xiao Zuo

Xiao Zuo combines tourism with environmental protection (Photo: Glen Fu)

Glen Fu

Xiao Zuo works together with her husband, Glen Fu (Photo: Glen Fu)



Tuesday 08.10.2013 | 13:48