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Saving Germany’s midwives

Going into labor can be an anxious time, especially for first time mothers. In Germany, it’s often the midwife who provides support and helps young women get through the ordeal.

Bianca Kasting, 32, knows this well enough. Last year, when she gave birth to her first child, a midwife was there to hold her hand.

In Germany there are around 21,000 midwives. And although the work they do is vital, they are often underpaid, and have to pay high insurance premiums. The situation has become so bad, that many midwives have joined protests around the country, or left the profession entirely.

Bianca wanted to do something to help, so she launched an online petition, and even cycled around Germany – her baby in tow – to raise awareness about the plight of midwives.

Listen to the report from Michael Hartlep, Germany:

Bianca Kasting has launched an online petition to rescue midwives. (Photo: Jennifer Fraczek)

Bianca Kasting has launched an online campaign to rescue midwives. (Photo: Jennifer Fraczek)


Tuesday 20.05.2014 | 13:49



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