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Skating towards a brighter future

If you grow up in a place plagued by crime and unemployment, like the inner city of Johannesburg, you might think your fate is already mapped out for you. But, a skateboarding crew is aiming to change all that.

Ayanda Mnyandu wants to change the way young people in his neighborhood think about themselves – by introducing them to skateboarding.

Since the beginning of the year he has been the operation manager for Skateistan – an international skateboarding NGO.

Besides entertaining children and teenagers and keeping them off the streets, the free skateboarding lessons organized by Skateistan motivate the local youth and help boost their self-confidence.

DW’s Gaia Manco went to meet Ayanda at the Troyeville skate park in Johannesburg, to discover what skateboarding is able to teach about life in a challenging environment.

Listen to the report by Gaia Manco in Johannesburg, South Africa:



Tuesday 19.08.2014 | 16:36



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