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Market roundup: January 2015

DW news in 12 languages are included in the newly-launched MSN news apps. This makes online content from DW not only available on all Windows mobile handsets and, but also expands the reach to iOS and Android devices.

Onneshon is now available in India and Bangladesh. The science show that is broadcast in Bengali will be made available in Eastern India on Doordarshan Bangla (DD Bangla).

A weekly version of Euromaxx is now being produced and broadcast in Ukrainian. The new adaptation of the classic show is being produced in cooperation with ZIK-TV, with which DW has been working with since the beginning of 2014. ZIK-TV also rebroadcasts Geofaktor and Focus on Europe.

South America
The culture magazine Camorote.21 is now being broadcast nationwide in Brazil by TV Brasil. The public broadcaster is part of the EBC (Empresa brasileira de comunicação) and focuses on informational and cultural programming.


2014-12-31 | 1:02