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Market roundup: August 2015


DW has expanded its partnership with the Vietnamese telecommunications provider FPT. The cooperation will add DW‘s new English channel to the line up on FPT’s over-the-top (OTT) television service, bringing DW to another 5 million users across Vietnam. DW’s English channel is also currently available on FPT’s IPTV service on Channel 37. DW on FPT Play is an expansion on FTP‘s IPTV service, which has carried DW since 2009.

The Indonesian TV provider Sky LBS is now broadcasting DW’s English channel via cable, satellite and IPTV nationwide. Sky LBS can reach up to 35.8 households and has 123 national and international channels in its portfolio.

In Pakistan, DW is now available as a TV live stream on the website for FM 100. The website is one of the most popular in the country.


Latin America

DW has acquired its first web TV partner in Peru with Canal E. The online TV provider was launched in 2014 and offers educational and informational programming on its platform an. Currently, Canal E is broadcasting Visión futuro from DW (Latinoamérica).



2015-08-03 | 9:47