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Nemtsova sheds light on Russian politics and culture

DW is helping to spark discussion and disclosure with a new Russian-language talk show Nemtsova.Interview hosted by Zhanna Nemtsova. It offers viewers a chance to hear from guests with a close relationship to Russian politics and culture who can shed light on important issues. Nemtsova joined DW’s Russian news department in August 2015.

Nemtsova’s father Boris Nemtsov was a very popular opposition politician in Russia and an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin. He was shot and killed in Moscow in 2015  and his death shocked Russia and symbolized the deteriorating social and political climate for opposition and dissention. Nemstova has called her father’s murder a “politically motivated assassination.

Her new talk show on DW creates a platform for free speech and an open discussion of Russian issues that would not be covered by Russian media. Programs like these build a direct connection to Russian-speaking audiences and help foster a community of independent thought and open debate.

As media homogenization and restriction in Russia continue, there is a growing demand for independent sources of news and analysis for Russian-speaking audiences. With a network of Russian-speaking correspondents and connections to Russian media, DW can provide a valuable, alternative perspective.

DW has a strong tradition of promoting free speech and media freedom in Russia. The Russian-language news program Geofaktor is broadcast daily and presents unbiased coverage of news in Russian. One of Russia’s last independent media outlets TV Dozhd broadcasts the program.


2016-05-11 | 3:35



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