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Market roundup: December 2012


DW programming is now available on Xunlei-Kankan, one of the largest online video platforms in China. The platform has integrated clips from the magazines Global Ideas and Future Now, which have been translated into Chinese, as well as clips in English from shows like Arts.21, Discover Germany, Global 3000, In Good Shape, Made in Germany, Euromaxx, Drive It! und Tomorrow Today. Xunlei-Kankan has more than 260 million users.

In Pakistan, DW content is now available on smartphones via UFone. The provider now offers its more than 2 million mobile customers DW’s English television program.

Learning by Ear is now available for mobile users in Afghanistan with Afghan Wireless (AWCC). The mobile provider has more than 4 million subscribers throughout Afghanistan and is offering the series as content via its interactive voice response (IVR) system.


Latin America

DW has acquired another partner for its Spanish television channel in Latin America with Claro Peru. The second-largest television station in Peru will now include DW (Latinoamérica) in its digital TV package. Claro is part of the América Móvil group – the leading telecommunications provider in Latin America with more than 300 million customers.


Africa / Middle East and DU are now featuring content from DW (Arabia) in their programming lineup. The two IPTV platforms are new to the media landscape in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

English episodes of Learning by Ear are now available on Vodafone Ghana. By working with Yassu, the Learning by Ear content will be available on all mobile phones as audio on demand.


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