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Market roundup: August 2017

Latin America

DW will be opening a correspondents’ office in Bogotá, Colombia in 2018. The new office will add to DW’s reporting across Latin America. The plans were announced during a meeting between DW’s Director General Peter Limbourg and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. The president praised the quality of DW’s reporting and is looking forward to welcoming DW’s correspondents. With around 14 million TV households, Colombia is DW’s second-largest market in Latin America after Mexico.

Online videos from DW are being posted by Brazilian partner Terra using Facebook’s cross posting function. It is the first time DW content has been used in a cross posting partnership. The cooperation has already registered an increase in total views for DW videos posted on Terra. Terra posts DW videos on its Facebook page and names DW as a source and links to DW websites.


Following a new partnership, DW’s English-language TV channel will have increased availablity in Scandinavia starting in September 2017. DW’s partner channel, Canal Digital from the Telenor Group, is available to 430,000 households in Norway, 255,000 in Sweden, 46,000 Denmark and 34,000 in Finland. The partnership also puts DW’s English TV channel in many hotels across Scandinavia.

Spiegel TV is carrying DW’s German language programs Euromaxx, Made in Germany, Projekt Zukunft and Reporter on its web TV lineup. The cooperation is expected to be expanded in the near future.


DW’s articles in English and Hindi are now available on the popular Indian news aggregator app, InShorts. The app features articles shortened to 60 words and has 10 million active users.

DW News is being broadcast once a day during the week on Hong Kong’s free-to-channel ViuTVsix. DW’s English-language channel is also being included in the basic package of Indonesian pay-TV company SMV Freeview. The channel is also being included in the basic package of Hyderabad, Pakistan-based cable station Hyderabad Cable Communication.


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