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DW Akademie orients students in a changing global media landscape

IMS students from three generations gathered recently at DW Akademie in Bonn.

DW represents Germany in the international media landscape, and besides providing audiences worldwide with quality journalism, DW Akademie also promotes media development with training programs for media professionals. The International Media Studies master’s program from the DW Akademie is a comprehensive part of DW’s role in fostering high standards in media. The IMS program is currently accepting applications.

Every year the program accepts 30 students from around the world. The IMS curriculum reflects the diverse career paths open to media professionals. But the benefits of the IMS program are best exemplified by what graduates go on to accomplish. Just a few careers of recent graduates include a university professor in Brazil, a senior public affairs consultant in Indonesia and a project coordinator for media development in Belarus.

Two IMS graduates also created the blog Multicoolty, which started off exploring what life is like in Germany for those coming from other cultures, and has since expanded this focus to include France, Italy and Russia.

IMS also produces a series of research books, “Edition International Media Studies”, which take an in-depth look at issues affecting different media systems around the world. The 2015 edition focuses on international standards of journalism education. Previous editions include analysis of media landscapes in Kenya and Pakistan and the role of the media in the Arab world.

With each new IMS class, a range of cultures and professional backgrounds come together to create a unqiue learning environment. Prospective IMS students have until March 31 to apply.


2016-02-23 | 3:20



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