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Market roundup: March 2012


DW has a new partner for digital television in Malaysia. Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN) started broadcasting DW in February. The digital cable provider has around 500 channels and is working on becoming Malaysia’s second largest digital TV provider. They are trying to acquire 500,000 customers by the end of the year.

DW is also now available around the clock in Tokyo with NEW IT Venture (NITV). The newly-founded Japanese IPTV provider will be broadcasting DW programming in English.

In Pakistan, DW’s English TV channel is now being offered in the Sindh province. DW recently signed an agreement with Orient Multimedia Cable Network und Sky Cable TV Network.



DW has expanded its online presence in the Ukraine by acquiring a new premium partner. DW content has been available on Ukr.Pravda since February 23. The website features news and information in Russian and Ukrainian and receives approximately 260,000 visits each day. It is currently second in the “News & Media” category from DW content – including full-length articles and links – can be found in a special section for international mass media on Ukr.Pravda. All articles appear with the DW logo and are prominently promoted on the homepage.




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