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Yoani Sánchez advocates social activism in Latin America on DW

Cuban online activist Yoani Sánchez has a new show on DW (Latinoamérica) called “La voz de tus derechos” (The voice of your rights). The weekly talk show features activists from across Latin America who discuss social, economic and political injustices they encounter in their countries. They are then able to promote the initiatives they are spearheading and draw attention to important issues. A guest on the show said the format inspires people to discover new directions while allowing their voices to be heard.

Speaking out against criminality, corruption and abuse can be a dangerous occupation. In Cuba, where information is strictly controlled by the government, Sánchez faced harassment for publicizing critical opinions on her blog Generacion Y. As a global advocate for free speech, DW recognized the value of Sanchez’s work and awarded her The Bobs – Best of Online Activism award in 2008 for best blog. But it wasn’t until 2013 that she was able to leave Cuba and receive the award.

DW’s strong presence across Latin America brings this important discussion to a large audience. In Cuba, Sanchez’s blog was one of the only sources of dissention against what she calls the “monopoly of information” from the Cuban government. With her new format on DW, she can now support local activism, sustainability and human rights across Latin America.


2016-05-17 | 10:11



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