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Market roundup: October 2013

Latin America

DW’s Portuguese science magazine Futurando now being broadcast nationwide in Brazil. The educational broadcaster Canal Futura will begin broadcasting DW’s successful Portuguese language science program Futurando on October 10. Canal Futura belongs to Globo, the largest media group in Brazil, and is the first private broadcaster in the country exclusively dedicated to educational programming. The channel has a technical range capable of reaching a potential audience of 94 million people in Brazil through terrestrial broadcasting in Rio de Janeiro and nationwide coverage on satellite, cable and affiliate stations.

A merger uniting the Colombian broadcaster and DW (Latinoamérica) partner UNE-ESM with the digital services provider Tigo has created formidable new presence on the Colombian media market putting the conglomeration in competition with Claro for first place.

Starting this month, DW’s English language news magazine Journal will be available nationwide in Afghanistan on Saba TV. The private broadcaster focuses on educational programming aimed at a young audience of information seekers. The channel belongs to the Saba Group, the operators of Radio Nawa which currently broadcasts the daily radio news program from DW in Pashto.

A new contract with the Indian public broadcaster Doordashan will place Manthan, a DW Hindi production, on six more of its regional channels.

The Taiwanese IPTV provider Vee Time is now offering DW’s flagship channel in English around the clock on Vee TV.

Middle East
Al Jazeera’s documentary channel has acquired a total of 99 hours of programming from DW Transtel’s portfolio. New programming aimed at the channel’s male target audience including extreme sports and motor sports will accompany formats covering science, medicine, nature, the environment and economic development. The documentary film channel from Al Jazeera broadcasts primarily in Arabic and can be received worldwide via satellite. Their core target area covers the Arab world.

Eastern Europe
Commentary and interviews from DW’s online service in Russian are now being featured on the popular Russian Internet portal The new partner website boasts 21 million visitors every month placing it among the most visited Russian language websites on the Internet. Since the beginning of the partnership with Rambler, DW Russian has recorded a clear increase in the number of online users.

The Ukrainian online news portal,, which was founded in June, has also integrated content from DW’s Russian and Ukrainian news departments into a DW content box on their website.

DW content is now being featured on Radio Tumaini and Tumaini Television as well as the group’s online portal. In addition, a Global 3000 content box is now featured on Radio WA’s homepage in Uganda. Radio WA has been broadcasting DW’s English radio program Africa Link since 2012.

DW’s international news and current affairs content is available in four languages on the world’s largest free online television website Alki David, the eccentric and controversial billionaire owner of said they were delighted to able include DW’s “authoritative and highly engaging” content on the pioneering web service which provides television content streamed online and on-demand. The partnership brings DW into the fast growing market of on-demand internet TV and into an exciting new area of distribution.  FilmOn has 45,000 hours of total video, all which are updated on a rolling basis.


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