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Will Sochi provide a fitting world stage for the Olympic Winter Games?

Sochi has already gotten some bad press, with many wondering if this edition will be tarnished. DW will be going in-depth to provide you a complete view of what is going on and what powers are at play. But don’t forget the athletes and the sports. DW is covering the 2014 Winter Olympic Games like never before with a combination of television and multimedia features that will take international audiences inside the action and behind the scenes with videos and commentary from Sochi. DW Sports will also cover German athletes who are in the spotlight as favorites on the world stage. Can the young skier Eric Frenzel win his first gold medal, after winning the Bronze in Vancouver? Will champion luger Felix Loch continue to dominate the track or be upset by the competition?

DW will keep you constantly updated online with multimedia websites  in English, German, Spanish and Arabic. Additionally for audiences in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan DW has produced special olympic websites in Bengali, Urdu, Dari and Pashto. DW also will be bringing together all of the news and results everyday with TV reports alongside in-depth specials that explore the wider social, cultural  and technological issues surrounding the Olympics on Euromaxx and Tomorrow Today.



2014-02-08 | 11:54



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