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An inside look at Bhutan’s first TV program for kids


Thinley Yangchen Dorji, a producer at the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation (BBS), takes us on a tour behind the scenes of Bhutan’s first homegrown TV show for kids. Called “My World”, it’s a 30-minute program for youngsters aged eight to twelve that began airing regularly in January. Welcome to “My World”!



Prior to “My World” there were no Bhutanese television programs for children. Foreign programming available via satellite was entertaining but had little educational value. Pema Choden, BBS’s General Director until the end of March 2011, approached DW-AKADEMIE for support. Her aim was to have a quality program tailored to children in Bhutan.

DW-AKADEMIE trainers Dani Leese and Thomas Rehermann initially flew to Bhutan in May 2010. There they worked together with the group of local television editors to develop the “My World” concept. The first episode was an immediate success. 

Leese and Rehermann returned to Bhutan in March to coach the “My World” editorial and production team and support BBS with its goal of producing more programs for children and youths.