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Saving Sea Turtles in Hainan

Frederick Yeh is an American-Chinese biomedical engineer who was driven into conservation work on a trip back to Hainan to visit family. He had happy memories of Hainan’s Sea Turtles from early childhood, but was shocked to discover that locals – who were hard up against the realities of a struggling fishing industry – were selling the turtles and no one was doing anything about it.

Check out the report by Jennifer Dunn in Hainan:

Saving endangered Sea Turtles in Hainan

Sea Turtles face threats like fishing nets, pollution and poaching.

Frederick founded the organization Sea Turtles 911.

If you want to know more about Frederick’s work, you can visit


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Miguel rescues Cape Verde’s endangered giant sea turtles

Giant sea turtles in western Africa are threatened with extinction. But Miguel from Cape Verde faithfully patrols the beaches to keep them safe while they lay their eggs.

Miguel rescues Cape Verde’s endangered giant sea turtles

Miguel and a giant sea turtle

Miguel makes sure the turtles find their way back to the ocean

DW reporter Carla Fernandes on meeting with Miguel in Cape Verde:

Boavista island on Cape Verde has lovely beaches! When I went there that was all that came to my mind. But this beauty became much deeper when I realized the meaning it has for the balance of an animal species like the marine turtles. Marine turtles prefer sandy beaches to make their nests. So looking at the white sand gain a new meaning: life. It was impressive to see a sea turtle laying her eggs on the sandy beach of Curralito and I was much more moved by this experience than I thought I would be.

Visit the Turtle Foundation’s website.

Here is the Turtle Foundation’s blog on its work on Cape Verde.


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