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Four things you may have missed at the 2018 DW Global Media Forum

The 2018 Global Media Forum wrapped up last week with over 2,500 guests from all over the world gathering in Bonn for three days of learning and networking. You probably caught the keynote speeches, and the DW Freedom of Speech Award , but here are four events at the 2018 Global Media Forum you may have missed.

1. Peace With the Taliban: A Compromise on Human Rights?

On Tuesday, former Afghan President Ahmed Karzai was joined by DW journalists and the German envoy to Afghanistan to discuss the potential for peace with the Taliban in a country beset by continuous conflict. The discussion provided first-person insight into a complicated and unstable region from someone who has played an integral part in its politics.

2. Reporting terror: Who sees what, when and why?

Four journalists with experience in reporting from crisis regions around the world gathered for a panel discussion on Monday to discuss how stories about terrorism are portrayed unequally in the media. For example, the Charlie Hebdo attack dominated the media, while 2,000 people killed by terrorists in Nigeria at the same time didn’t make the news cycle. The panel provided a riveting, inside look at challenges and dangers of delivering information from dangerous areas while looking for an audience.

3. Threats and opportunities of increasing isolationism to international power relations

At a plenary discussion on Tuesday, a panel of prominent journalists and academics discussed the trend of isolationism, especially with Donald Trump’s “America First” politics. One speaker discussed the danger of the US losing soft power on the world stage and being ignored internationally. The panel provided a preview of a future that looks a lot different than today.

4. Lie Detectors

The final day of the Global Media Forum was devoted to media innovation. As part of the Innovation Lab day, DW Akademie invited the media competence organization Lie Detectors, which goes to schools and teaches children media literacy and how to spot fake news stories from real reporting. As online news and social media are the primary sources for a new generation of media users, this service will become even more valuable.


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The trends will shape the future of journalism

What are the tools that will shape journalism in the future? What are the social trends that will guide how people think and interact with the media? During the 2018 DW Global Media Forum at the Media Innovation Lab Day (MILD), DW innovation is inviting innovators and experts for discussions and live demonstrations of ideas and technology.

One of the most important changes facing media is a generational shift in how people understand and use information and communication tools. MILD is putting this at the forefront with a discussion on “digital disruptors” from the founder of a platform called “After the Millennials,” which focuses on how a new generation is set to completely transform industry.

The usage habits, expectations and interactivity vis-à-vis mass media from the so-called “Generation-Z” will be what journalists, producers and developers will dealing with in 10 years.  Organizations that can remain prescient, are those posed to succeed.

Transformative technologies like artificial intelligence in newsrooms and the use of bots and drones will also be discussed with interactive presentations. Participants will see first hand how new technology will look, before it becomes a standard feature in workplaces.

As an international media organization, DW stays ahead of trends that will become standards in the future. At the Global Media Forum and MILD, guests from around the world will have a valuable opportunity to network and create new ideas for the future.


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