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Successful start to Shababtalk

Deutsche Welle and Al Hayah TV have officially started their cooperation tby producing the first episode of Shababtalk in Cairo. The coproduction is one of four new, regionalized talk shows that focus on the Arab world.

Shababtalk is a talk show for the future, which brings together young representatives from the democratic movement in Egypt with their German counterparts from youth organizations, political parties and other associations. The 30-minute show will alternate being produced in Berlin and Cairo each week and broadcast on DW-TV ARABIA and Al Hayah TV.

“I am especially pleased that we are able to work with Al Hayah TV on Shababtalk. It brings a new focus to the dialogue on regional issues – and DW-TV and Al Hayah TV are on the forefront of productive cooperation between Europe and North Africa,” says Christoph Lanz, Director of DW-TV. “It is extremely important to exchange information and learn from one another in today’s day and age. With our new talk show, we will be providing a weekly, lively contribution to the transformation in Egypt – and beyond.”

“We aren’t just talking about dialogue – we are making it happen,” says Naser Shrouf, DW’s Head of Distribution for Africa/ Middle East. “Shababtalk shows how the media can get involved in the exchange of information between cultures and examines the ideas that the leaders of tomorrow are bringing to the table.”

This new coproduction is just part of Deutsche Welle’s international strategy. By introducing new, regionalized productions, the broadcaster is helping improve the connection to its viewers around the world.

Along with Shababtalk, DW-TV ARABIA is also introducing a range of new talk shows, each covering a different facet of modern life.


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DW presents new focus for the Arab world

Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle joins the discussion on DW-TV ARABIA.

DW relaunched its channel for the Arab world yesterday, with a new focus on dialogue and programming in Arabic. Audiences from Morocco to Oman can tune in to DW-TV ARABIA for a six-hour block in Arabic – always in primetime. English-language programming will complete the channel’s 24-hour line-up. Up until now, the schedule alternated hourly between Arabic, or German with Arabic subtitles, and English.

This is just a continuation of DW’s strategy of introducing new, regionalized productions to help improve the connection to its viewers around the world.

Along with new Arabic versions of DW’s shows GLOBAL 3000 and Arts.21, the new DW-TV ARABIA also features four new talk shows, each focusing on different facets of society.

  • Shababtalk is a co-production with Al Hayah TV, the leading station in Egypt. Young representatives from the democratic movement in Egypt join in on discussions with their German counterparts from youth organizations, political parties and other associations.
  • On the Pulse brings Arab and German experts together to discuss issues related to democratization, politics, economics, the role of the government, justice and religion.
  • Talking to the Press is a roundtable discussion with German and European editors-in-chief and their Arab colleagues.
  • Guest of the Week offers the chance for public figures to come into the studio to discuss current developments in the Arab World.

DW also launched its new YouTube channel for Arabic yesterday, making its Arabic content available online to viewers around the world.



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