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DW Transtel at MIPCOM 2012

DW Transtel will be covering a vibrant spectrum at this year’s MIPCOM with new shows like The Allure of Nature, Art Beats and Beyond Progress, as well as a range of new episodes from favorites like Ecopia and Struggle for Survival.

“Our strength has always been in the areas of documentaries, infotainment and European culture – and we continue to find different ways to inspire and capture the imagination of our audiences worldwide,” said Petra Schneider, DW’s Director of Distribution. “Our viewers may have different backgrounds, lifestyles and interests, but what they have in common is a need for interesting, new insights and viewpoints not available from other sources.”

New programming titles

  • The Allure of Nature casts a spotlight on the breathtaking images of nature from the most unusual perspectives. The color and texture of the natural world is captured from unexpected angles to reveal not only its beauty but also the power it wields.
  • Beyond Progress casts a critical light on the scientific and techno-logical achievements of our time and discusses their ecological, eco-nomic and ethical impact and questions the value and price of those achievements.
  • Art Beats celebrates the unsung heroes of culture; street musicians and graffiti artists, samba and tango virtuosos, masters of caricature and satire and their power to unite nations and peoples.

For more information, visit us at Booth 19.14. at MIPCOM 2012 from October 8-11.


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