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Market roundup: July 2017


DW articles in English are being featured on the website of USA Today. Articles covering German politics, society and culture will be featured on the world section of the website, which brings in 115 million unique visitors every month. DW’s content will also be featured on USA Today’s social media channels. USA Today is the widest distributed newspaper in the US and content from DW will add to the international profile of their online news content.


Following up on the successful release of regionalized editions of DW’s hit lifestyle show Euromaxx in different Asian markets, an Indonesian version is being produced in cooperation with Metro TV. The Indonesian partner will take the original English version and re-edit the episode with voiceovers from an Indonesian narrator. Metro TV is one of Indonesia’s largest channels and reaches over 3.3 million people nationwide. It is also available on all of Indonesia’s major cable, IPTV and DTH providers.

Astro Awani, Malaysia’s largest news and current events channel is broadcasting five English-language programs from DW, including Global 3000 and Euromaxx. The channel is Malaysia’s only 24-7 news broadcaster and can be received by 80 percent of the population.

The Vietnamese OTT platform Vivas will now include DW. The partner reaches around 100,000 households in Vietnam.

In Pakistan, Lahore-based triple-play provider Nizara is offering DW in its basic package. Nizara packages TV broadcasts for use on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Latin America

Carnaval TV based in Coquimbo, Chile, is now broadcasting a selection of programs from DW (Español) This will include Al volante, Cuadriga, Cultura.21, Escápate, Hecho en Alemania and Patrimonio mundial. The terrestrial broadcaster has a technical reach of 100,000 households.




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Market roundup: August 2016


DW’s Focus on Europe is now being broadcast in Georgia in cooperation with local broadcasting partner Starvision. The European culture and political program will be broadcast weekly with a Georgian-language voiceover and the program design will be adapted for the Georgian market. Starvision reaches 700,000 viewers and is also available on a free app for iOS and Android. This partnership expands DW’s presence in Georgia, where DW’s Russian-language news program DW Nowosti is currently being broadcast by Georgia’s national public broadcaster.

Latin America

WIPR, Puerto Rico’s largest public broadcaster, has expanded cooperation with DW and will soon be broadcasting more DW programming. WIPR currently broadcasts Euromaxx and DW Noticias during prime time. The channel, which focuses on educational and cultural content, can be received by more than 1,6 million households in Puerto Rico and will significantly increase the reach of DW’s Spanish-language programming.

Brazilian partner Claro will be providing DW’s German-English language channel DW (Amerika) to all of the Olympic villages in Brazil during the 2016 summer games.

The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro will also be including reports from DW’s Futurando! and Camarote.21 in its “Anthropozän” exhibit, which is visited over 100,000 times each month.

Guatemalan news website Siglo 21 has embedded DW content boxes in Spanish with articles and videos from Enlaces, Cultura 21, Global 3000 and En forma.

North America

Three Spanish-language programs from DW are being carried on Telecentro, a Hispanic-American broadcaster in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Telecentro reaches 30,000 households.


DW (Deutsch) will now be available in 10 countries in southern Africa via pay-TV partner Multichoice. Countries included are South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland und Zimbabwe. The channel will also be available to Multichoice hotel subscribers.

Angola’s first private television broadcaster, TV Zimbo, is broadcasting Futurando!, Camarote.21 and Africa on the Move in Portuguese. TV Zimbo will also become a coproduction partner for Euromaxx. The partnership is a positive step into a broadcasting market that had previously been inaccessible due to political conditions.


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