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Market roundup: December 2015


Downloads for the DW app have grown immensely in recent months. The number of total downloads is currently at around 850,000 – a big leap from 250,000 in September. The app was  launched in June to accompany the launch of DW’s international news channel.

Middle East

A campaign for DW Arabia  is showing a lot of success in Morocco, Egypt and Iraq, the three largest media markets in the Arab world. Indicators include a video trailer on YouTube and Facebook that already has over 1 million views. The campaign highlights the credibility and transparency of DW’s programming against other broadcasters, whose reporting can fall into sensationalism. DW Arabia also explores taboos in the Arab world, which are avoided by other regional broadcasters. The “Discover the Difference” campaign will run until the end of the year.


DW has a new partner in Indonesia. Cable provider Dens TV is now carrying the complete program of DW’s English channel for audiences in Jakarta.




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