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Market roundup: September 2012


Clicks on DW’s Polish-language site have gotten a major boost thanks to partnerships with Poland’s three leading online portals,, Wirtualna Polska ( and The click count jumped from 251,000 in April 2012 to 2.5 million in June. Working in tandem with Distribution, the three Polish sites posted links to selected articles about society and politics as well as DW’s “Studying in Germany” series.



A new Asian partner has gotten on board with TV magazine “Inovator,” which is produced in Bonn. Indonesia’s Tempo TV started broadcasting the show nationwide in August. “Inovator” is the seventh DW TV magazine the education-oriented station has picked up since August 2011. Tempo TV will broadcast “Inovator” via DTH satellite provider Aora, which has about 450,000 subscribers in Indonesia and is one of the country’s main television platforms.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, teachers at the respected Deutsche Zentrum have received supplementary learning materials to use DW’s online German course in the classroom.

DW has begun using a new monitoring station in Sydney to keep track of satellite broadcasts and live streams in the region. Technical Distribution has set up a system for monitoring Asiasat 3S as well as a StreamMon system at Australian national broadcaster SBS. Distribution entered negotiations with SBS once the establishment of a relay station in Tincomalee, Sri Lanka made the previous monitoring station for Asiasat 3 obsolete. DW now has StreamMon systems operating on every continent.

Last but not least, leading Pakistani outlet Raml Media Services is now a DW partner. The firm, which has been in operation 30 years, will help distribute DW live streams and content boxes to other partners.


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