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Bad habits that cause premature aging

AgingWithout realizing it our daily habit can cause premature aging. This has negative impacts on the health of your organs. Here are eight bad habits that cause damage to your health.

1. Multitasking means additional stress

aging1If the to-do list is long, you can easily be in stress. At the end you do not finish your work, instead you will get even more stress. According to Raymond Casciari from St. Joseph Hospital in California, we tend to think that multitasking is good but actually we don’t really finish anything, only add to your stress. And stress causes free radicals that damage cells and fosters aging.


2. Smokingaging2

Smoking, either active of passive, can damage skin in only a few days. The smoke from cigarettes caused dryness and wrinkles the skin. Smoking also reduces vitamin C in you body, the vitamin that helps protect skin moisture.


3. Not enough sleepaging3

Not enough sleep not only causes a black circle under your eyes but also shortens your life. Dr. Casciari from St. Joseph Hospital explained that it is best to sleep about seven hours a day. If you are having symptoms like feeling weak or cannot concentrate, maybe you should sleep more.


4. Sitting too muchAging4

People that sit too much could have a higher risk of having kidney disease, also heart and vascular disease and of couse obesity. According to study by British Journal of Sports Medicine, doing sport regularly can help maintaining a healty body and prolong your life. Besides, people who exercise at least 150 minutes every week life 10-13 years longer than those that do not exercise.


5. Listening to loud noiseAging5

If you cannot hear very well anymore, it could also be a sign of aging. This kind of aging can be caused by noise, for example loud music. Listening to music can release you from stress. But if the music is too loud and you listen to it for a long period of time it could damage your hearing, especially if you are using headphones.


6. Using too much make upAging6

Using too much make up also accelerate aging, even though you cannot see it very clearly. Too much make up, especially if it contains a high volume of oil, block pores and causes infections. Products that contain perfume and alcohol cause dryness of the skin because the share of natural skin fat decreases. The result is wrinkles. Furthermore, don’t forget to clean your face before sleeping.


7. Eating a lot of sweetsAging7

Sugar does not only add to your weight but also causes you to look old. According to Susan Stuart, an expert in dermatology in San Diego, sugar molecule or glucose binds the protein in skin cells so the skin becomes stiff and uneven. This process is called glication. It causes wrinkles, black circle under the eyes, and it also causes the skin to become pale.


8. Not including fat at all in your dietAging8

There is certain fat that is needed by the body to look young, explained Franci Cohen, expert in nutrition from Brooklyn. Omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in fish (such as salmon or mackerel), and certain nuts help the skin to stay moist and avoid wrinkle. These acids also protects the health of the heart and brain. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends eating fish at least twice a week.


Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Grahame Lucas



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