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Have you given a comment to our posts on social media this week? If yes check out here! Maybe your comment has been chosen for this week’s Comments of the Week. We have a lot of comments in this issue, and they covered many topics. See here!


Pakistan: Woman sentenced to death for burning daughter alive

Maria Somalinggi that is Islamic law and everyone should obey it (Facebook, January 18)

DW – Women Talk Online Thank you Maria Somalinggi for your comment. A question: Do you think it is good? (Facebook, January 18)

Maria Somalinggi If we see from the side of humanity, it is not good but from point of view of Islam, it must be done and I am as a muslim agree with it. (Facebook, January 18)

The oldest person in the world says “being single” is the reason she’s still alive

Joachim Quainoo She can’t be the oldest person in the world while there are older women in Ghana ranging from 130 – 140 (Facebook, January 18)


Assala Mihoubi I don’t want to get old alone  (Facebook, January 17)

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

Benjamin Schwartz I would only add to the one being shut out some times: everyone needs their space. Just give and you will receive. (Facebook, January 17)

Want a wise, elderly women to listen to your problem? Take a seat on a friendship bench.

Maria Cristina Masnata WOMEN!!!! (Facebook, January 16)

DW – Women Talk Online Hi Maria Cristina Masnata! Are women good or not? (Facebook, January 16)

Maria Cristina Masnata Absolutely! (Facebook, January 16)

Asash Basir A good chance to practice ballet seriously! (Facebook, January 16)
Asash Basir Racism is almost everywhere in human thinking. Whether it is black or white, rich or poor, strong or weak, big or small, people have been judgemental for everything which is really weird. Why can’t we just see the positive side of everyone? Who are we to judge others, why can’t we feel all are equal and are good in their own capacity? I even feel sad when I see parents inclining towards stronger kids and leaving the weaker ones. It’s just not right. (Facebook, January 16)
Joachim Quainoo Nonsense it is. Do we still live in that primitive thinking? Lol! I wished I could help the Lady for her college funding. (Facebook, January 15)
Love Nutella? You might want to sit down before you watch this Video. (AJ+ Video)
Bonnie Pittman What doesn’t give you cancer? Does anything not give you cancer? Anything? (Facebook, January 13)
Maryam Arshad People who don’t eat nutella get cancer too -.- (Facebook, January 13)
Amina Hussan Haha…what about nicotine (Facebook, January 13)
You probably think this is an old folktale, but would you try “rock soup”? (Cultura Colectiva Video)
Attaullah Saagar I remember about 25 year ago when I was a kid that some of the villagers did the same thing when they were cooking (Facebook, January 13)
DW – Women Talk Online Thank you Attaullah Saagar for your comment. Could you say where you come from? Did the villagers do this for their wives like in this video? (Facebook, January 13)
Attaullah Saagar I came from a village in Kunar province, Afghanistan named Naray. They did not do it for their wives, they did it to make the food tasty (Facebook, January 15)
A cool DIY folding gadget for the whole family (5-Minute craft Video)
Rati Kaushik Well, repeating those three steps shall work even without the gadget  (Facebook, January 13)
Prisca Lungu Nice and easy way to fold clothes interesting (Facebook, January 12)
The world’s oldest yoga teacher is nearly 100 (The Independent’s Video)
Ban Hikmet age is just a number if you have the will power to do something you will do it no matter how old you are. (Facebook, January 11)
Transform old things into awesome toys for kids. (5-Minute craft Video)
Lilia Macarena Martinez Salomon nice for Easter, thanks (Facebook, January 10)
Yanis Yoplin Gracias por crear esta página (Translation: thanks for creating this page) (Facebook, January 10)
Author: Marjory Linardy
Editor: Debarati Guha

Pakistani celebrity Qandeel Baloch: Yet another victim of Honor Killing

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch, touted as the Pakistani ‘Kim Kardashian’ was loved and loathed for her controversial comments and viral videos. Last week, she was murdered by her brother because he believed that she had been dishonoring the ‘Baloch’ Name. (From July 19, 2016)

Bad habits that cause premature aging

Without realizing it our daily habit can cause premature aging. This has negative impacts on the health of your organs. Here are eight bad habits that cause damage to your health. (From February 4, 2016)

Ethiopia’s Spice Girls

Women and girls in Ethiopia face a daunting number of challenges, including violence. Two out of three women actually believe that wife-beating is justified. All-female band Yegna is confronting the entrenched beliefs that hold Ethiopian women back. (From May 10, 2016)


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