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How digital media is reshaping politics and power

The 2015 Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum is coming up from 22 to 24 June. This year’s  conference titled Media and Foreign Policy in the Digital Age features an intriguing mix of panelists and discussions that explore the modern crossroads of technology, media and international relations.

Two panels at the conference were organized by DW’s distribution team. On Monday June 22 at 2 p.m. experts on Asian media will discuss how digital and mobile media is transforming how news and information is consumed in Asia.  The Political Power of Digital Media in Asia will bring together  panelists from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Pakistan including the editorial director of Content Asia Janine Stein, and the Vice President of Sky Vision Indonesia Handhi S. Kentjono.

On Tuesday June 23 at 11:30 a.m. experts on Africa will discuss the effect of the growing number of international companies jostling for domination of the expanding African digital market. Afric@online – Empowerment or exploitation invitres experts to explore if Africans are being connected by commerce or just being turned into digital resources. The panel will be moderated by the CEO of Balancing Act,  Russell Southwood.

The list of speakers appearing at the 2015 Global Media Forum include the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, the head of RTL TV’s foreign correspondents Antionia Rados and the EU commissioner for digital economy and society Günter Oettinger.

You’ll find all information on the panelists at the 2015 Global Media Forum on the website.

You can register for attendance up until June 17.


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Taking a new look at digital activism


For the past 11 years, The Bobs is where DW has honored the world’s most courageous, creative and compelling international online activists and bloggers.

The 2015 competition is kicking off with new categories that introduce a fresh focus on how digital activism is changing the world. The Bobs jury categories will now put the spotlight on the critical issues of privacy and security, arts and media and social change. Judges will determine how contestants have used their digital skills and activism to create positive impacts within these fields. The new format also allows for more than one contestant to stand out for their exemplary work.

How can a digital crusader improve economic development and living conditions? Who is producing the most innovative or avant-garde formats to speak out online? What is the most cutting-edge software for protecting data and digital privacy? On June 22 at the Global Media Forum in Bonn, we will all get the chance to find out.

The core values of the Bobs remain the same, even if they will now be presented more directly. Last year’s winner of best blog was the Egyptian photo blogger, Mosa’ab Elshamy, who showed courage combined with a brilliant eye for powerful imagery. His blog is an example of where fine art meets journalism. In 2013 the “grand prize” winner was the Chinese blogger Li Chengpeng, whose tireless efforts for freedom of speech made him a digital celebrity in China and a salient example of contemporary activism as well as a trendsetter for those living under oppression. No matter the year or the format, the Bobs have always looked for the bravest and the best.

If you are a blogger or online activist you can submit your website now. You have until March 12 to enter your submissions.


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