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Market roundup: September 2017


 DW has new partnerships in The Gambia with the state television and radio station Gambia Radio and Television service (GRTS). The DW programs included are Africa on the Move, Eco@Africa, In Good Shape und Kick off! Also in Gambia, DW is now radio partners with Paradise FM Radio, BIZ FM Radio and Capital FM, which will be broadcasting DW’s radio shows AfricaLink, Crime Fighters and Learning by Ear.


One of Indonesia’s leading video websites,, is including DW’s Indonesian-language technology show Inovator along with selected programs from DW English with Indonesian subtitles.

DW and DW (Deutsch) are now available in Thailand on the TrueVisions Anywhere app for iOS and Android, developed by the country’s largest cable provider.


DW content is available on Google Home – Google’s new speech-assisted, interactive speaker system operating on Google Assistant software. The voice-activated system can answer questions, control smartphones and play music. Audio news reports from DW in English and German, as well as slowly spoken news reports in German for learners. DW content will also be rolled out in the future on Google Assistant software for Android


2017-09-15 | 3:01



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