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Market roundup: June 2018


Zapovednik, DW’s Russian-language, animated political satire, is resonating with Russian audiences and is one of the most viewed videos on DW’s Russian partner website Ekho Moskvy. The 12-minute episodes tackle current political issues and put a funny and entertaining spin on important topics. By using animated satire, DW can convey an alternative perspective in the Russian media landscape. DW’s partner Ekho Moskvy is a reliable source of independent news in Russia.


DW’s English channel is once again available on the leading Malaysian Pay TV provider ASTRO. Around 1 million subscribers can now access DW on the providers OTT platform Astro Go.

The Vietnamese cable provider HTV-TMS in Ho Chi Minh City is providing DW’s English channel to 600,000 subscribers.

DW’s partner in Thailand PSI is broadcasting Tomorrow Today, Global 3000, Drive It, In Good Shape and Euromaxx to an estimated 18 million households.


2018-06-08 | 12:21



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