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Not anchored down in Anchorage

Well, we’ve made it. There’s a song about Anchorage, it mentions something about the biggest state in the union and being a long way from anywhere. Now I know what they mean, it’s taken me nearly 24 hours to get here.And we’re not exactly anchored down, as we’re moving on tomorrow.
The climate ambassadors are filming and talking about tomorrow’s itinerary, although it’s now 11.20 pm (9.20am European time, so they’ve all been on the go round the clock) – and we’re leaving for the airport at 4am, complete with full Arctic gear. Temperature is minus 15 in Barrow, could be worse. We had a good laugh at the expense of our Swedish “ambassador”, who was the only one feeling the cold at the airport.
The internet link is slow here and I haven’t been able to upload any pics tonight. Should be better tomorrow, when we visit the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium in Barrow, the northernmost point in the USA.


April 30, 2008 | 7:23 am